Noah Aberlin

I was born in Santiago, Chile but moved to Brooklyn when I was one. Unfortunately, I don't hold dual-citizenship so I can't cut in line at immigration for all those trips I takes to Chile... My parents still live in the same house in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn and I visits them often.

I began my dance training at Albee School of Dance, a small dance studio in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. It was exactly like Mike's story from A Chorus Line; I would go with my mother to pick up my sister at dance class and I told her that I wanted to do that too. At Albee I learned the basics: ballet, tap, jazz & gymnastics. Then, while attending grade school at Poly Prep in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, I had the good fortune to start training with the Alvin Ailey School during after-school programs. Shortly after that introduction I began traveling into Manhattan 3 to 4 days a week to study at the Ailey pre-professional program. I continued my studies there for 3 years. During that time I attended the summer dance program at Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts Camp. While there, I got bit by the Musical Theatre bug while performing as the assistant props manager in a productions of Sweeney Todd. Yup, I was thrilled to be able to dress up in rags, cover my face in dirt, drag 'dead' bodies off stage, and hum the tunes while doing so. 

Once I decided Musical Theatre was the path for me, I starred in multiple high school plays and musicals, attended the National HIgh School Institute Cherub summer program at North Western University, and eventually settled on Syracuse University's Theatre program for a Bachelor of Fine Arts.


Photo by Laura Rose

Photo by Laura Rose

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